The school is an experiment on the sustainability of (material and immaterial) economy of organizations. We want to test the idea of school as a garden of ideas, a laboratory of affects, and a space where new ideas clash and coalesce. We are not yet sure about what can be learned in this school. But we are obviously sure about not to start from the premises that specify what needs to be learned and not learned. We want to study together, while interrogating the meaning of togetherness.

Our bodies are entrenched with histories and memories shaped by formal educational institutions—school buildings, respectable teachers, uniforms, flag ceremony, wooden benches, libraries, high fences, narrow hallways, too many things to memorize, exams, grades, ranks, report cards, and strict school regulations.

We start from the question: what does an improper education mean?

We want to problematize the hierarchical relations between teacher and student. We aim to unpack the homogenizing tendencies of pedagogical principles upon the body and mind. We would like to vitiate the emphasis of curricular desires around use value. Is it enough to describe one’s own practice as an alternative education? How to operate a study environment without turning knowledge into a commodity?

We seek to recreate the notion of classroom and invite those who have been improperly educated to engage in the space as well as disrupt it. At the School of Improper Education, the meaning of authority in knowledge reproduction will be scrutinized. We are looking for those who are eager to perform experiments on learning and teaching—of becoming a student and teacher at the same time,  to oscillate in between different educational models. This invitation also goes to those who are keen in blurring the boundaries between formal education and everyday realities.

At the School of Improper Education, you can stay within, and at once think outside of it. As a platform which strives on the basic principles of uncertainty and curiosity, the purpose of this school is to study on what are the meanings of studying and how to study them.